Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How to Wear a Vintage Rock T-Shirt

Lucky for me I saved many of my old concert t-shirts. I have some dating back to my earliest concert days.  One of my favorites is my U2 t-shirt from 1985.  I also have t-shirts from Duran Duran, AC/DC, and others. I frankly wished I'd saved more of them. If you didn't save your favorite concert t-shirt or you weren't even alive when the band was still together, you're in luck. There are reproductions everywhere.  But please, if you decide to wear a band's t-shirt (repro or original) at least know the band and their music. If you're wearing a Ramones t-shirt and you don't know who Joey Ramone is and have never heard the songs  "Blitzkrieg Bop" or "Rock n' Roll High School", I will insist that you wear another shirt. Don't disrespect the band (the Ramones or any band). Better yet, get a rock education and buy their songs on iTunes.  Rock tees are more than just fashion. That's the music lover in me talking.

There is so much great street style for inspiration.

Rock Tees

I love the way that people are styling rock tees in all sorts of outfits.  They aren't just for jeans and sneakers anymore. A couple of ideas for styling your favorite rock t-shirt.

Rock Tees

Add a tuxedo jacket to your favorite pair of printed jeans. Grab a fancy clutch and some shiny or sparkly shoes. I love my mirror, silver oxfords. You could also do heels. And you're ready for an evening out.

Rock Tees - girlie

I love the contrast of the rock t-shirt with girlie pieces.  Adding strappy heels, a flowy skirt and a ladylike bag is a cool change for your casual t-shirt.

How do you wear your favorite concert t-shirt?

Keep an eye out, a few blogger friends and I are going to do a concert tee styling day soon.

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