Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm Obsessed Thank You Very Much - Foil Print Sweaters

Late summer I started spying foil print sweaters online.  Since I love all things metallic, I can't resist them.  {msL} and I have a joke when I'm distracted, we always say, "Shiny things?"  Something shiny caught my eye and I was distracted.  Of course it's really my ADD issue but it makes us laugh.  So back to sweaters.  See, I told you, shiny things.  They are pretty, can be worn with a skirt or a pair of jeans and they dress up an every day outfit.  I'm especially in love with the cable knit style that is both pretty and tough looking. There are foil print sweaters in every price point and every color.

I'm Obsessed - Foil Print Sweaters

I know before the winter is over I will have more than one in my closet.  What do you think?  Do you love foil print sweaters too?

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