Monday, January 28, 2013

My Search for a Good Long Wearing Lipstick

About a year ago I realized that I should start searching for a good long wearing lipstick.  I wanted one that would stand up to our wedding day of eating and drinking and wouldn't leave bright lipstick all over {msL} every time we kissed. I thought I'd have to go with a stain to get what I wanted. Frankly, I've always hated long wearing lipsticks.  I've tried a few but I've either returned them or tossed them.  They didn't live up to their claims, many left my lips feeling tight, flaky and gross.  Very few had no transfer when eating, drinking or kissing. If they did, I had to constantly apply a second step balm or gloss and then my lips got this weird texture as the day went on. My hopes weren't high. I got suggestions from a few friends. I didn't love the ones I tried and most of them didn't have great color choices.  Spending a ton on a high end version didn't seem practical because I didn't think I'd wear it after our wedding day.  About a week ago I saw and pinned this article from Everyday with Rachel Ray.

Everyday with Rachel Ray isn't known for their beauty tips, however, I thought that a group of ladies who are constantly eating and drinking for their jobs might have some insight on lipstick that can stand up to lots of use.  They rated Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede lipstick, their best drugstore lipstick.  I checked out the Revlon color options. I prefer lipstick to a gloss for my wedding day. So I decided to try Revlon over their two other drugstore picks, L'Oreal Paris Colour Caresse Shine Stain and Wet n' Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color. I'm not a fan of liquid lip color.

I started by scrubbing my lips with a wash cloth to remove any dry skin.  I decided not to use any balm or primer and just put the lipstick on my naked lips.

It took about thirty minutes for the lipstick to stop feeling tacky. It was still a little sticky when I pressed my lips together but that went away if I licked my lips. I tested transfer by drinking out of a can.  I was shocked, no transfer!  About an hour and half after applying the lipstick we had lunch.  I had a veggie burger with cheese.  No lipstick on the bun (which has happened before, if I forgot to wipe off my lipstick before eating) and no signs of lipstick on my straw.

This is what my lipstick looked like after eating and drinking.  Not perfect but still pretty impressive. There is some fade but it's presentable. I tried a couple of other tests.

I kissed {msL}on the cheek.  No sign of lipstick anywhere!  This looks promising for our wedding day.

I tried the napkin test.  I pressed pretty hard to see if there was any transfer. I didn't wipe or scrub but pressed.

Nothing!  No lipstick at all.  I couldn't even see a faint trace of color.  Even after a veggie cheese burger! Oil is usually the death of long wear lipsticks.

Color me sold on Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede lipstick!  It's pretty great for one step long wearing lipstick. Below are my pros and cons. I purchased Trendsetter which is a vivid red color. 

  • One step application.
  • No flaky or lumpy texture.
  • Lasted through eating and drinking.
  • No transfer onto a napkin, even after eating.
  • No transfer onto my Honey when kissing.
  • Can be used with lip liner. I would suggest clear if you want to avoid color transfer.
  • Lasted all day with just minor deterioration.
  • Takes about thirty minutes to set.
  • Feels smooth and moisturizing going on but dries out like a matte lipstick.
  • Dark colors last but I've read that the lighter colors don't last.  I haven't tried any light colors myself.
  • Lips feel sticky when pressed together.
I'm going to keep trying long wearing options but I really like Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede lipstick as a possibility for my wedding makeup. Have you tried any long wearing lip colors that you love?

UPDATE:  I tried Muse, which is a bright pink.  It lasted just as well as Trendsetter did.  I've worn both shades to work and they've lasted most of the day.  I'm pretty sure this is going to be my wedding day lipstick.  Thanks Revlon!

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