Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DIY - Painted Rhinestone Necklace

My house is full of DIY this week.  I'm feeling very creative. We're doing tons of DIY for our wedding. This weekend we are planning a big DIY weekend. My mom is coming to town and we'll be hard at work on lots of wedding projects. Over the weekend I stopped by Forever 21 to check out their rhinestone necklaces.  I've been itching to create a painted rhinestone necklace for a long time.  I love using nail polish as paint on DIY projects. Like on these sunglasses. Nail polish has a built in brush and I have a ton of colors at my disposal (nail polish obsession issue). 

The beauty of this DIY is the cost and how easy it is to make.  Spending a ton on a necklace was out of the question and F21 is the place for inexpensive jewelry.  I found two great necklaces and decided to go with the chunkier of the two for this DIY. Then I got to work with the nail polish.

Rhinestone Necklace - Forever 21 $8.80
Nail Polish (colors) - I chose two colors (hot pink and blue)
Nail Polish (clear) - used for sealing the necklace

My apologies for this awful photo.  This is what happens when you only take one picture and don't check your results.  I painted a thin coat on each rhinestone.  Then I went back and did a second coat.

After the second coat of colored polish dried, I painted each of the stones with clear polish.  This works as a sealant, just like on your nails. Then I let my necklace dry overnight.

I know I will be wearing this beauty often.  Forever 21 might be getting another visit.  I want to DIY a necklace in every color imaginable. If you love to read about DIY projects but you'd rather buy it already made, check out this affordable version from Forever 21 (in two color combos).

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