Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holographic Polish Manicure

The day after my birthday I opened to mailbox to find a package. In the package was Layla Hologram Effects nail polish in Purple Illusion and a Layla file.  It was sent from sneekpeeq.com (a new social shopping site).  There was a sweet note inside but the person who sent the gift didn't sign the card so I can't even thank them for the gift.  Thank you, whoever you are. I was thrilled because you know how much I love to try new nail polish.  I'd seen and read about holographic polish but I hadn't tried it myself.

This polish instructs you not to use a base coat.  You use the accompanying file to smooth the ridges on your nail and buff them. I followed the instructions but decided to add a top coat for longer wear.

taken with a flash

The effect was fantastic.  I couldn't stop staring at my nails.  I loved the way they looked in the light and that they look like they are painted with average polish at first glance.  Then you see the cool light reflection.

taken in direct sun
Even in low light they looked great.  By the time I got to work the next morning, I already had a chip!  I was less than pleased.  I love painting my nails but I want my manis to last at least a day.  By the time I got home that night three of my nails were bare.  The polish popped off completely!  Because I wasn't using a base coat, I made sure my nails were clean and free of any oils or residue.  Buffing my nails with the file made the polish look great but also kept if from sticking. I decided to try again using a base coat. 

with a base coat
The polish over the base coat was very streaky and didn't stick well.  I had to use three coats to get solid coverage.  As you can see in the photo above, the holographic effect isn't nearly as brilliant.  The polish has lasted almost a week and still looks good but not as pretty.  I've read that using Orly Bonder base coast works pretty well with this polish. Most of the nail polish blogs recommend an aqua base coat like Make Up Store Aquafix or   Nfu Oh Aqua Base. Since the aqua bases aren't available in stores, I may try Orly Bonder first.  I love this polish and want it to last. 

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