Monday, December 3, 2012

Glitter is My Favorite Color

I might have mentioned my ridiculous collection of nail polish.  I'm trying hard to limit buying new polish and use new combos of polish I already own.  I pinned this nail polish combo from The Nailasaurus on my Pinterest board titled "Nail It!".  Be sure to check out Sammy's amazing polish combos.

Party of 5 Glitters - The Nailasaurus

I have several gray polishes in my collection and decided to go with Maybelline Color Show Audacious Asphalt. It's not as dark as the polish that Sammy used but it's just a pretty.  Instead of just doing glitter tips, I did an all over glitter using Wet n Wild Spoiled in Trust Fund Baby.

Audacious Asphalt under Trust Fund Baby

I love the way the mani turned out.  But I realized two things as I was posting this photo.  My cuticles need serious attention and I am in desperate need of a new eye glasses prescription immediately.  It's hard to pay attention to your cuticles if you can't see them. The gray and glitter combo works and I'm sure I'll be trying it again with other colors.  It was fun to wear to a holiday party on Saturday.

Are you doing extra fun polish combos for the Holidays?

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