Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Warm, Pretty and Tech Savvy

My iPhone is my favorite daily tool and has become a trusted blogging friend. I definitely can't live without it. The DC area has a rough winter coming and I'm sure I'll be doing lots of outdoor activities. Freezing while I'm snapping photos, texting or tweeting isn't an option. My regular glove don't work because I can't wear them and use the touch screen. Last year I snagged my first pair of tech gloves (aka touch screen gloves).  I got a fleece pair on sale at the end of the season from Target. They are a fun raspberry color. I like them but I'd love to have a leather or a cashmere pair. My hands get cold easily so gloves are must. There are pretty options available in lots of styles. Here are some of my favorites.

Pretty Tech/Touch Gloves

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