Monday, April 16, 2012

My Only Thought on a Monday

Good Monday Real Girls!  It's been a tough day because I had to work and my mind was elsewhere.  I told myself that this blog would not turn into a wedding blog.  So I'm going to beg your forgiveness for this post. But I promise that this week I'll be posting some fun spring info and DIY tips as well as an outfit post or two. Today, however is about wedding dresses.  I've been thinking about my dress a ton lately. I've thought about going dress shopping just to get some ideas but frankly that doesn't appeal to me. If you've shopped for a wedding dress and you're a curvy girl, you know that the options for plus size bridal gown choices are limited. Also the thought of spending a ton on a dress is not in my plan.  I've always dreamed that my Mom would make my dress.  She made all of our prom dresses and formals and I love the dresses she's made.  Having that love as a part of the dress I wear would be very special. I found a pattern I love.

This is a vintage Vogue pattern.  It suits my body type well.  I have several dresses that have a fitted bodice and full skirt. They are very flattering on me.  I'm not sure I like the huge bow but I'm know my Mom and I can figure that out. Of all of the dress elements, it's the easiest to alter. When I found the pattern I started coming up with lots of ideas about the bodice. I always thought that I wanted my dress to be ivory and I'd like the bodice to have an overlay fabric (sheer with the ivory showing from behind).  This weekend my mom was in town so we went to look at fabric.  Before we went to the store, I decided I wouldn't buy any fabric unless I found something I couldn't live without.  Fabric is limited and many times if you don't purchase it when you see it in the store, it won't be there when you return. But I have time to look and I didn't want to feel pressured.  I found some beautiful ivory shantung dupioni silk. Dupioni silk looks irregular and has a slub texture. It is called dupioni because two cocoons (or dupions) are reeled together as one yarn. This creates the slub, irregular yarn. 

Dupioni silk, in gray. I'm using ivory.

Then I started looking for fabric or lace to over lay on the bodice. Traditional lace really isn't my style. I could go with a plain bodice or a basic lace but that wouldn't be me.  I want some sparkle, some drama.  I found a few beautiful, beaded fabrics.  But they don't come cheap.  The beading is done by hand on these exquisite fabrics and because of the detailed labor, the costs are high.

First I spied this one...

This fabric costs $249 per yard!

 Then I saw this one...

This one is $329 per yard!

Yes, you read that correctly, $329 per yard!!!
The bodice requires about two yards of fabric.  That's over $500 just for the bodice of the dress, if I chose one of these fabrics.  Not exactly, the less expensive idea I had in mind. Unfortunately, there aren't lots of fabric stores that stock beaded fabric of this type.  I'm going to hit up some of the chain fabric stores like JoAnne's and Hancock's.  I could always order something on line but that's a little scary because factors like lighting, photography and monitor settings have a huge impact on what you see.  So the hunt rages on.  I'm just glad I have plenty of time to look. Thanks for indulging me today.

If you have a topic or a question, please email me or leave a comment below. I'd love to write posts that interest you Real Girls.  Thanks for reading!

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