Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DIY Inspiration - Ideas for a Rainy Day

I'm writing this post on Monday but by tomorrow, when this goes up,we should be in the midst of a downpour. Rainy days are always my favorite for DIY projects. You don't want to go out and it's the perfect chance to do something creative. Of course I'll be working but a girl can dream.

I've found some great DIY inspirations and had to share them with you.

A bobby pin statement necklace from Glitter n' Glue
Glitter Oxfords with Ribbon Ties (Something Bleu) - Great Way to Revive Old Shoes

Keyboard Ring - Fun Gifts for Friends (I'm sure I can find and old keyboard at Goodwill)
Peacock Manicure - Colorful and Fun
Beads in a Bottle by Tulip paints - When the paint dries it looks just like beading!
The ideas are endless.

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