Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Casual Sparkle

I wore this outfit to a casual brunch at the home of friends on Sunday.  I've been looking for a slim cut pair of cargo pants for a while now.  I'd love to wear super skinny cargos but these flatter my shape better. They are a good compromise. It is my way to wear the trend in the way it suits me best.

Sequin Top - Macy's (no longer available), Knit Vest - Macy's (no longer available), Pants - Avenue,
Shoes - MIA via DSW, Belt - Talbots Outlet, Ring - DragonWeave Jewelry via Amazon.com

I got these shoes last summer. They are a great alternative to sandals.  They're open but they have a little more coverage because they are booties. They also have a very low heel, so they feel like flats.

I have loved this ring for a while and decided I couldn't wait any longer.  It arrived last week.  Everyone wanted to try it on and I got tons of complements. It's definitely a conversation piece.

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