Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DC is a Fashion Town - 2011 Disctrict Sample Sale

Last night I had the opportunity to cover the 10th District Sample Sale for, Deacon Does DC and my little ol' blog too.  My fellow blogger friend McLean Robbins of Deacon Does DC usually covers the event. She had to be out of town on business and I took the fashion bullet for her, which is made out of faux fur and satin by the way.

Check out the coverage on Deacon Does DC and GalTime. Below is a slideshow of event photos.

I'm sure you all want to know if I got any bargains. Unfortunately, I'm not exactly in the smaller size range of many of the boutiques. I however, was undaunted by that fact and went in search of awesome shoes and accessories.  I got an amazing pair of shoes by Coclico from Simply Soles for 80% off!  Yes, that's right 80% off! I also got some killer jewelry from Mona Assemi and a beautiful illustration from Yanique. You can see her illustrations in the slide show above.

Here is a little net sneak peak of my awesome shoes. I'll be wearing them in an upcoming post.

Now rush on over to Deacon Does DC and read my coverage of the District Sample Sale!

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