Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Search for Fashion

Often I see an item on someone and I decide I have to have it for myself (or some version of it). If I don't know the designer or company, the search quickly becomes more difficult. There are many great resources on the web, when searching for a specific fashion item. I still use Google or sometimes bing but I wished for a search engine that would just show fashion. My wish has been granted with SHOPSTYLE.

The search engine on SHOPSTYLE allows you to type in your key words and it returns lots of results. You can sort by brand, store, sale, price, and color to refine your results. You can hoover over an item and it will show you the online store, available sizes, and available colors. You can click and open the item in a new window, share the item with a friend, sign up for sale alerts for the item, mark it as a favorite, and add it to your wish list. If you sign up for an account, you can create your wish list and favorites, create a looks and share them with friends. They also provide style tips, celebrity style and a style blog with links to the items they feature.

A recent search for a bib necklace, returned 18 pages of results (16 per page). The search also provided a wide range of prices, from $4,250 for a gold Tiffany Elsa Peretti mesh bib to $5.80 for a gold tone and faceted bead and faux pearl bib necklace from Forever 21.

Tiffany Elsa Peretti

Forever 21

There are obvious quality and style differences in these necklaces but it shows the wide range of results you can get with any search. Your search can be refined by using more specific key words. I also use the search as a reference to try other search terms. Each store and designer chooses different terms to name an item. SHOPSTYLE is a great resource when you are hunting and a better option than driving from store to store or searching tons of individual sites.

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