Monday, February 27, 2012

DIY - Shades of Couture Juicy Couture Indie

Earlier this week I saw a photo from ELLE Spain on Pinterest.  The look was cool but what really spoke to me were the sunglasses. That cool mint sherbet frame was a standout. I knew when I saw them that I had to come up with a great DIY. The shades are by Juicy Couture. They are the Indie style in their Shades of Couture collection. It's hard to find the pastel shades but they are available for $114!

I already owned a pair of retro shades similar to the Juicy Couture style.  I purchased them last summer from Goodwill for $3.  Our local Goodwill stores sell brand new merchandise for a steal.  I didn't have any mint colored paint but I knew I had some mint nail polish.  I thought, why not. I'll try using nail polish.  It even has a built in brush.  I started by wiping the plastic part of the frame (that I'd be painting) with nail polish remover.  The acetone helped to remove the coating from the plastic and helped the polish to adhere better. 

I painted three thin coats on the upper frame to get complete coverage. I decided not to paint the ear pieces.  I waited several hours between each coat of nail polish.  I was going for an enamel look and wanted to ensure that the coating was even.  After I got the desired color and coverage, I painted a clear coat on top. 

Sunglasses                         $3
Mint nail polish                   $1  Full bottle $4 (already owned)
Clear nail polish                  $1  Full bottle $5 (on sale but already owned)
TOTAL                                $5 (with tons of polish left over)

Shades of Couture Indie       $114
SAVED                                 $109!!

I'm really excited with the way these sunglasses turned out.  They look amazingly similar to the original and they cost just a fraction.  It only took me about an hour total to produce these standout shades.  I'm sure I'll be wearing them all spring and summer long.

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